Top 10 Inhabitants of the Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Desert is a special place. With the total area of 311,thousand square kilometers it goes over all the southwestern areas of the state of Arizona and southeastern areas of the state of California in north america, as well as the state of Sonora in Mexico. In such a way, the Sonoran Desert goes through 2 states – California plus Arizona – and 2 countries, Usa and Mexico.

Cacti of Sonoran Desert

This is really a very hot place to stay. The most important point to the weather conditions of the Sonoran Desert is the quantity of rainwater that drops. In fact, there’s much more rainfalls in the Sonoran Desert compared to any other desert. As soon as it does get rainwater, the desert becomes soaked, as well as the air is chilled. Each time there is no rain, the place is absolutely dried out and extremely hot.

Despite the severe conditions, the Sonoran desert hosts all sorts of vegetation and wildlife that enjoy the hot and dry environment and that have adapted over time to reside here. Many of them are unique and rare.

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