Arranging greenhouse at home: cactuses and succulents

Hanging cactus typesEvery year different types of cactus plants and succulents become more and more popular as house-plants. And it can be easily understood: the variety of extraordinary forms of these plants, their slow growth, their unpretentiousness and relative resistance to insects and disease have contributed to their popularity in flats and houses.

Well, I’ve already pointed it out in What’s Cactus? that all these different cactus types are succulents, but not all succulents are cactuses, and we should keep that in mind. A succulent is any plant that can keep water either in its roots, leaf or stem.

Most types of cactus and succulents can be raised on a window-sill. As a matter of fact, succulent plants need bright light and should be exposed to sun at least 4-5 hours a day. It is advisable to turn the plant and change its place every few days. But remember, the so called tropic cactus types, such as Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas cactus, should only be raised in filtered light. For such succulents as Gasterias, Aloes and Haworthias direct sun is also nit recommended.

One more important tip to remember – never let succulents and cactuses stand in water. They should be watered only if soil is dry.  The planting pots should have good drainage with good soil and sand.  Never fertilize soil in winter, when the plant rests.  Soil should be fertilized only in late March to October.  Different types of cactus plants should be repotted once a year.  New post should be clean and contain new potting soil.  Nevertheless, cactus and succulent plants can be planted in the same pot, but be careful to take plants with the same light and water demands. You can look more “fast tips” in ABC of  Cactus Care.

Tropic cactus types as well and many other succulents look marvelous in hanging baskets. These cacti usually flower in the short days of fall and winter. Holiday cacti (Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving cactus) planted that way will be the best decoration of your house especially if there’s not sufficient amount of space. Look around. It often happens that there’s an empty corner or window-sill in your living room, bedroom or sitting room that needs “something.” Cactus and succulent plants are undoubtedly that “something” that you might need!

6 Responses to Arranging greenhouse at home: cactuses and succulents

  1. Diane Jablonski says:

    Could you please tell me the type or name of the cactus posted on your home page? Is it a rat tail cactus? (The one hanging with pink flowers on it.)

  2. Georgia Neeley says:

    where can i find a tropical cactus. they are beatiful.

  3. Ben says:

    what is the name of the cactus with pink flowers and this smooth looking green leaves/air roots on this page . named “hanging cactus types)

  4. Scott Henderson says:

    Thank for taking the time to share that. I really enjoyed the pictures very nice and beatiful cactus

  5. mia says:

    A great thing about growing houseplants is that they help you to enjoy plants and gardening all year long. Additionally, there are houseplants for all skill levels and interests.

  6. may says:

    What is the name of the plant ? . in the hanging basket .
    i have one but dont no the name thankyou

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