Mountain cacti

Have you ever been to or have you ever seen the pictures of the Andes or the Cordilleras? These are the places of such cactus types as astrophytum, cleistocactus, echinopsis, lobivia, notocactus, oreocereus, rebutia and others. Naked, forbidding rocks rise above stony gorges, and huge woolly blooming cereuses grow on these rocky walls. It seems incredible, as you can never tell what they cling to and how they survive: at a daytime they are scorched by the bright and merciless sun, at night they freeze in the cold mountain air. These types of cactus would die, if they had no means of protection as attire of fuzz, prickles and setae. The dense woolly cover protects the green stalk from sunburns and supercooling.

Types of cactus: Rebutia sp. uebelmannMountain cacti – pillar-shaped oreocereus and spherical lobivia – suffer from the lack of the sunlight even more than desert cacti. They quickly start “to grow bald”, losing dense prickles and fuzz. They can frequently perish from rotting of the stalk. Damp humus soil is especially baneful for these types of cactus. The dwarf rebutia growing on mountain meadows and in intermountain troughs endures it much better. Many of these cactuses are dressed in a proofing of white or golden setae.

If you keep these cactus types dry and cold (3-5 °) in winter and give them enough sunlight in summer, they will excellently grow and blossom already at the age of two years.

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  1. Aiyana says:

    Saguaro cactus is a Sonoran desert native that only grows in a very specific area of Arizona and Mexico. Are you sure the cactus you’re speaking of is Saguaro? Perhpaps it is a Cardon, or maybe something similar.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi there, can you please tell me the name of cactus in your main picture. I have one and have been looking for the name but cannot find it

  3. michelle says:

    for ages i was wondering what type of cacti i have as themother cactus keeps spreading like wildfire and now i know i have mountain cacti but they have yet to flower

  4. King420 says:

    I need help identifying what type of cactus I have. It has one, thick, straight spinless trunk type thing, and on top are multiple, colorful, thorny bulbs. I think it may be dying and I need to know what type of cactus is it, to save it.

  5. Ethan says:

    With a good year and the right amount of rain especially in the winter will give us the opportunity to see the cactus flower. I have always been impressed with the beauty of cactus and more over with the cactus flower.

  6. Aldo says:

    In fact, I do not really like to care any plant but cactus is a great plant made by God. It does not need lots of maintenance and it can make my home look beautiful. I like any type of cactus. And about the type discussed, I will shop for it and put it at my home.

  7. Villa says:

    So a conservatory would be the ideal place for my cactus plants?

  8. fieria says:

    Sure! It will add some charm to conservatory music perception as well)

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